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Spire Folk Dance Club is a group of friendly people who meet twice a month in order to dance (mainly) English folk dances.

We dance a mixture of 17th and 18th Century dances (think of those in Pride and Prejudice, but without the cumbersome clothes of that period!!) - often referred to as Playford dances - and also more modern dances, mostly written very recently by dance composers who are still alive and dancing.  We also occasionally include some American-style square dances and contras (long lines of dancers).

All dances are described and walked through before dancing by the ‘caller’, with individual figures and moves explained.  We may well perform a dance more than once (and not just because it goes wrong!!).  We often repeat dances from one week to the next in order to help people to feel comfortable with a few dances, as opposed to trying to get through as many different dances as possible all the time.

We usually dance to recorded music, although very occasionally , we might have the opportunity to dance to live music.

No special clothes are required - come in what you will feel comfortable to dance in.  Flat shoes are recommended, though - heels are not helpful for some of the turns that have to be made.

If you are new to folk dancing, have a look at the New to Folk Dancing page to find out more.